Is there a real you?

“We do have this capacity to in a sense of shape ourselves. The true self as it were then, is not something that is just there for you to discover, you don’t sort of look into your soul and find your true self. What you are partly doing at least is actually creating your true self. And this I think is very very significant particularly at the stage of life you are at. You will be aware of that how much of you changed over recent years. If you have any videos of yourself, three or four years ago, you probably feel embarrassed because you don’t recognize yourself. So I want to sort of give sort of this message out is that what we need to do is that think about ourselves as things we can shape and challenge. This is the Buddha again – Well-makers lead the water; fletchers bend the arrow; carpenters bend a log of wood; wise people fashion themselves. And that is the idea that I want to leave you with. Your true self is not something that you will have to go to searching for as a mystery and maybe never ever find. The extent that you have a true self, is something that you in part discover, but in part create and that I think is a liberating and exciting prospect.”



Gulika is a human rights lawyer. She is currently a Consultant at the Centre for Child and the Law at NLSIU, Bangalore, and is an International Bridges to Justice Fellow.

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