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Building support for gender equality among young adolescents in school: findings from Mumbai, India

Find Full article here: GEMS_Building_Support_for_Gender_Equality_Adolescents Abstract: There is increasing recognition that to reduce gender inequality — a goal fundamental to improving a country’s overall health and development — programs must start with youth. Yet there has been limited engagement of both girls and boys during early adolescence to challenge and shift gender norms that contribute to…

Effects of Sexual Harassment in Schools

Sexual harassment is a highly prevalent form of bullying especially in high schools. Growing up in within the context of an Indian education system, during my teen years, I remember the emphasis highly being placed on multiple things:- behavior, discipline, humility, initiating the “appropriately desirable women” identity, and of course GRADES. If I was able…

The Phoenix (Malvika Iyer)

The Phoenix (Malvika Iyer)

Malvika Iyer, was burnt in a bomb blast but rose from the ashes, like the ‘Phoenix’. This movie highlights the five aspects of life: individual, family, peer group, school, and society; and how inclusion in each aspect has enhanced her quality of life and created a sense of belonging by wiping out discriminatory and physical…


What’s your stereotype?

Written and Photographed by Harrison France “I asked different people (fellow students and family members) to each think of a personal stereotype. Inspired by photographer Gillian Wearing, I photographed my subjects holding signs in front of them with their stereotype written in large handwriting. I selected the best 29 photographs and put them into a…

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Understanding Boys, Understanding Girls.

Having spoken at various Boys conferences, Jeff Perera shares some stories of sharing the White Ribbon with boys from Grades Four to Eight.  Jeff also shares what happened when he spoke with hundreds of young girls on how created ideas of being a man impacts girls as well as boys.  . I spoke at an ETT…

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