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The Un-Selfie: Taking back the self-portrait

Contribution by: Shruti Gupta Author: Marie McGrory   The selfie: on a slow day, I probably see twenty while skimming social media. Other days, I am sure that number is in the hundreds. Recently on Your Shot, National Geographic staff photographers Mark Thiessen and Becky Hale ran a Self-Portrait assignment. I can’t say I was…

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The truth is not in the mirror: Photography and a constructed identity

“Photography as a medium has always been actively concerned with describing identity. While a portrait is typically an artistic representation of a person where verisimilitude is the goal, here the inquiry is questioned and expanded. Rather than employing a camera to create an objective document, the artists in this exhibition are often involved in constructing…


Time Responds to Criticism Over Simpson Cover

Source : The New York Times – http://www.nytimes.com/1994/06/25/us/time-responds-to-criticism-over-simpson-cover.html In response to the barrage of criticism about Time magazine’s cover portrait of O. J. Simpson in the current issue, James R. Gaines, managing editor, posted an electronic message on a computer bulletin board on Wednesday stating that “no racial implication was intended, by Time or by the…

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