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Trapped in binaries

How many times have you filled a form requesting you to state your sex or gender? Or sex AND gender, although you may not have encountered forms that ask for both because those who make them are ill informed that ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ are synonymous. So what is sex? What is gender? Sex is science,…



Last week, while sitting at a café waiting for a friend, I overheard (eavesdropped rather, since I’d finished with BuzzFeed) snippets from another table’s conversation. Since I don’t know the participants’ names I’m assigning numbers: Girl #1: ‘That movie was so sad! I’m still tearing up! I can’t believe you didn’t shed a tear! Girl…


‘Masculinity is a trait and NOT a gender’

Through these poignant images Meg Allen introduces us to the world of “female masculinity”.  http://megallenstudio.com/#/butch/ Yes, not all women have to be feminine and neither do all men have to be masculine. We are just brought up to believe that there is only one way to be, and dress and project ourselves. Take sometime to read…

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Genderly Speaking…

“Omg! That Kurt guy from Glee? What’s the deal with him! I don’t get it. He’s a boy but he sounds and behaves kind of like a girl. And Unique Adams! He’s a boy too but dresses up like a girl. I’m so confused!” A few days ago, I was approached to write for “Schools…

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Understanding Boys, Understanding Girls.

Having spoken at various Boys conferences, Jeff Perera shares some stories of sharing the White Ribbon with boys from Grades Four to Eight.  Jeff also shares what happened when he spoke with hundreds of young girls on how created ideas of being a man impacts girls as well as boys.  . I spoke at an ETT…

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