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Women in Nepal.

Why Inequality in India is on the rise

Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay explains how poor fiscal management and inadequate infrastructure drive economic polarisation.  The rise in global inequality is big news in both popular and academic literature. Much of the economic literature attributes this to the fast growth of rich nations and the relative slower growth of poorer nations. A similar picture describes India. It…

mughal e azam

Popular Stereotyping

Time and again, our films underline the supremacy of man. Modernity is reduced to a matter of packaging. A modern woman is defined by her westernized attire. She looks modern but when it comes to making informed choices, she chooses the conventional. – Sharmila Tagore  Full text of the 19th Justice Sunanda Bhandare Memorial Lecture…

Languages of India

The Indian Identity

Defining Indianness By Sam Chacko It has always been a challenge to define what constitutes Indianness. How can one define Indianness, given the tremendous diversity of India, with its 1652 languages and dialects, its many religions, and still, the many thousands of castes and ethnic groups? It’s seemingly impossible to construct a coherent Indian identity, as…

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