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The truth is not in the mirror: Photography and a constructed identity

“Photography as a medium has always been actively concerned with describing identity. While a portrait is typically an artistic representation of a person where verisimilitude is the goal, here the inquiry is questioned and expanded. Rather than employing a camera to create an objective document, the artists in this exhibition are often involved in constructing…


Not in a box.

What is Identity. Who am I ? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do ? Where do I belong?   As a 15-going-on-16 year old, I’ve often pondered these questions. And I have always been envious of those people who are so clear on what they want to do, who they are,…

Embracing otherness, embracing myself

Embracing otherness, embracing myself

“Actor Thandie Newton tells the story of finding her “otherness” — first, as a child growing up in two distinct cultures, and then as an actor playing with many different selves. A warm, wise talk, fresh from stage at TEDGlobal 2011.” Source: http://www.ted.com/talks/thandie_newton_embracing_otherness_embracing_myself


Stick no Labels: Learning to love your Identity

How many things mark who we are? Tall girl, short girl, weirdo, topper, average-student… How many names are we called before we ourselves find out who we are? Everyday, there are so many things we do to ourselves to signify who we are: A mark on the forehead, a way we dress, the languages we…

thin girl

I like going for walks and dunking my head in cheese

  If you keep nagging About my weight Your rapier tongue May seal your fate. –          Joyce Guy Have you ever sat around women without hearing the words ‘fat’, ‘thin’, ‘perfect’, ‘beautiful’ or something along those lines? Think hard. I think most long conversations I have had with a large group of women have somehow…

Languages of India

The Indian Identity

Defining Indianness By Sam Chacko It has always been a challenge to define what constitutes Indianness. How can one define Indianness, given the tremendous diversity of India, with its 1652 languages and dialects, its many religions, and still, the many thousands of castes and ethnic groups? It’s seemingly impossible to construct a coherent Indian identity, as…

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