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What’s your stereotype?

Written and Photographed by Harrison France “I asked different people (fellow students and family members) to each think of a personal stereotype. Inspired by photographer Gillian Wearing, I photographed my subjects holding signs in front of them with their stereotype written in large handwriting. I selected the best 29 photographs and put them into a…

On a Plate by Toby Morris

Privilege versus Poverty: A Comic

“You have such a privileged life. Don’t waste your opportunities.” You’ve probably been told that a million times.  I know I heard it so much that I got sick of it. But it wasn’t until recently that I understood exactly what privilege was. We will discuss privilege in more detail in class, but until then,…

Behing the glass

The Un-Selfie: Taking back the self-portrait

Contribution by: Shruti Gupta Author: Marie McGrory   The selfie: on a slow day, I probably see twenty while skimming social media. Other days, I am sure that number is in the hundreds. Recently on Your Shot, National Geographic staff photographers Mark Thiessen and Becky Hale ran a Self-Portrait assignment. I can’t say I was…

John Green Quote

Look beyond the camaouflouge

When we’re born, we never get to choose our parents or the type of community or situation we’re born in. It just happens. Giving an amount of certain respect to another person nowadays are not given without taking into consideration their economical background, their race, religion and all labels that are used to create barriers…


To Choose or to Not

I must start out by saying that identities need not be a concept that is personal. I agree that having decided to touch upon the topic, one must first consider their own identities in order to bring themselves a step closer to the elusive self- actualization on the top of “Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs”. But…


I’m Me : That’s my Identity

The ‘i’ identity, is something I’ve just discovered – but it’s better late than never. I often felt lost among the trappings of society, but that’s because of how I saw myself. I felt I didn’t belong and tried dipping my feet into different shoes, to see which would fit. I tried them loosely, and…

Is there a real you?

Is there a real you?

“We do have this capacity to in a sense of shape ourselves. The true self as it were then, is not something that is just there for you to discover, you don’t sort of look into your soul and find your true self. What you are partly doing at least is actually creating your true…

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