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How I Learned To Stop Being So Nice

Written by Michelle Denise Jackson Contribution by Anushya Badrinath   Growing up, I was a very nice girl. I was always the one who went out of her way to help her friends. I would loan them money, offer them advice, give them rides, and help them with school assignments. I usually did not expect…


Girl Things and Boy Things…

It so happened once that one of my boy cousins had forgotten to pack his shoes when visiting us. I happened to have a spare pair of brown shoes which I offered to loan to him for that day. His response was astounding. “Chi! These are girl shoes! I won’t wear them!” And they weren’t…

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Understanding Boys, Understanding Girls.

Having spoken at various Boys conferences, Jeff Perera shares some stories of sharing the White Ribbon with boys from Grades Four to Eight.  Jeff also shares what happened when he spoke with hundreds of young girls on how created ideas of being a man impacts girls as well as boys.  . I spoke at an ETT…

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