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Building support for gender equality among young adolescents in school: findings from Mumbai, India

Find Full article here: GEMS_Building_Support_for_Gender_Equality_Adolescents Abstract: There is increasing recognition that to reduce gender inequality — a goal fundamental to improving a country’s overall health and development — programs must start with youth. Yet there has been limited engagement of both girls and boys during early adolescence to challenge and shift gender norms that contribute to…

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The Danger of “Boys Will Be Boys”

Why this phrase should be banned from our vocabulary   Written by Elizabeth J. Meyer Contribution by Sangeetha Ravichandran   I’ve had a couple of different conversations with the teachers at my child’s preschool about some of the aggressive behaviors a few of the children have been exhibiting. It has been most alarming to wake…

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Trapped in binaries

How many times have you filled a form requesting you to state your sex or gender? Or sex AND gender, although you may not have encountered forms that ask for both because those who make them are ill informed that ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ are synonymous. So what is sex? What is gender? Sex is science,…

Like A Girl

Like A Girl

The phrase “Like A Girl”  being used as an insult is a hard knock against any girl’s self-confidence. This ad highlights that in a manner of showing how adolescent young girls see themselves.

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What are feminine attributes? “Let’s just put down pink”, she said. “What, why?”, I asked. “There are so many silly women, with their frills and fancies, trying to be pretty and pink and fancy. Isn’t that a feminine attribute?” Even vociferous proponents of gender equality seem to hate ‘macho men’ and ‘pink women’.   Let…

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