Stick no Labels: Learning to love your Identity

How many things mark who we are? Tall girl, short girl, weirdo, topper, average-student… How many names are we called before we ourselves find out who we are?

Everyday, there are so many things we do to ourselves to signify who we are: A mark on the forehead, a way we dress, the languages we speak, our general hygiene! But what goes into defining ourselves?

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We see equality in everything around us. We see the equal sign in everything around us! Broad stripes on the Indian flag, bars in prison, cricket stumps, even in bull horns, roaming on the streets, blocking our traffic! We are reminded each day to treat each other equally, but we forget what it is to treat ourselves like we are an equal, like we are our own people. We forget that our identity is our own, living only to be a tall girl, short girl, weirdo, topper, etc. How do we learn to love ourselves, whoever we are, whatever we have to offer as people? We have so much love to give each other, and in that love, we are all equal. Why don’t we give some of that love and compassion to ourselves?

Whether you are in the light or in the shadows: be yourself, and love yourself! Quiet, kind, lazy, vain, witty, intense— whoever you are and however you are, love yourself. And that, is your identity.

You know how the government says ‘Stick no Bills’ on public walls? Well this is a private identity, Stick no Labels.

This is a guest post by Gayathri Raja: biomedical researcher in Boston who dabbles deftly in tomfoolery and cartoonery. 


Molecular Biologist, Write. Schooling in Equality.

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