Not in a box.

What is Identity.

Who am I ?
Why am I here?
What am I supposed to do ?

Where do I belong?


As a 15-going-on-16 year old, I’ve often pondered these questions. And I have always been envious of those people who are so clear on what they want to do, who they are, confident in themselves and the person they are in that moment.


I remember doing multiple of those quizzes “that describe your personality” or “which fruit/vegetable/dog breed/etc are you”

Which basically put a label on your personality and frankly I got some amount of closure from that because I could be labeled, I could be put in a box, I wasn’t so lost that an internet quiz couldn’t label me.


And then I realized, I don’t Need to be labeled. I don’t just have to be like a strawberry or a carrot or a Labrador. I don’t need to be just one thing. I can be a multiple of things.
My Identity comprises of what I choose it to be. Not what other people decide for me and most definitely not  an internet quiz


It took me a lot of my 15 years to come to an understanding that I just do not have to be what people want me to, and I’m still struggling to fully grasp that concept.

I do not have to fit in a label or a box or any kind of name.

I do not have to act like someone else to fit into a character that is just not mine.


I can be anything I want,hyper,crazy,terrible at math, book reader. I can be anyone I damn well please, as long as it as me who chooses to be that person. And I will be proud of that person.


My identity represents me, and me alone, and yes, finding that person will be difficult, and I’m working on it, but hey! It’s only been 15 and a 3/4th years.


Hi Frand.

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