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Look beyond the camaouflouge

When we’re born, we never get to choose our parents or the type of community or situation we’re born in. It just happens. Giving an amount of certain respect to another person nowadays are not given without taking into consideration their economical background, their race, religion and all labels that are used to create barriers between human beings.  All the labels we use to judge people camouflages the actual person, making us interpret that those labels are the persons identity.

Which is absolutely wrong.

We stick labels on them. We judge them and then we interpret their identity and appreciate or criticize them. We do everything without letting the person express his or her own actual identity. Equality based on Identity. But the identity isn’t the actual identity it’s only the camouflaging of the labels. Which mean we’re treating a person based on what we interpret and not on who they actually are. You can see shiploads of examples if you just walk on a busy road in India.

When a woman is wearing shorts, according to Indian stereotypes, we label them as ‘Girls who have parents earning shiploads of money and has a lot of boyfriends’. When we see people  holding mobiles bigger then their palms ‘ Very rich people’. When we hear or see a person talking with a kind of annoying attitude ‘Annoying’. When we see dark toned people ‘African’. When we see white skinned people’ American’ or ‘North Indian’. (There are fair-skinned South Indians also). When we see a fat person ‘Eats a lot’.

We can write a Dictionary with all types of labels people give each other. And the problem with this label-giving thing is, that in India good news travels as slow as a tortoise and gossip travels at the speed of Usain Bolt. So if one person labels another person. The person labeled him or her go and tell another person and he/she to another person and so on. So when a person interprets ones identity the wrong way, It travels from one person to another person and makes that fake identity, interpreted by another person, appear like the actual identity.

Stop labeling. Look beyond the camouflage. Hope this helps.


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