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Every week we will post a theme that will be discussed in the schools where we are running our programme the following week. This will enable students to lead discussions as they interact with expert facilitators from India and other parts of the world. We encourage you to post content that relates to the theme — not necessarily articles, but also images, cartoon strips, stories, videos, illustrations and blog posts. We want students to engage with individuals and groups with different points of view so that they can form their own opinions and articulate them in class and in the form of blog posts. And of course in everyday thought and action.

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Felt uncomfortable when someone stared at you on the street or made an inappropriate remark? Been told that you’re too fat or too thin? Ever been asked why you, being a boy, have chosen humanities?

If you’ve ever experienced anything that has made you feel less ‘equal’ because of your gender, sexuality, disability or any other reason, here is a platform for you to share your story. Write to us about anything that has affected you: it can be a personal account, a fictional story or an incident that happened to someone else that impacted you in some way. You’ll be amazed at how many people have had similar experiences. By speaking up collectively, we can try and understand issues that we haven’t really questioned or explored. The louder we speak, the more scope there is for change!

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