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Idu Madras ille machi!

Ever watched one of NBC’s best shows – Heroes

IMDB rates it 7.8/10 based on close to 170,000 votes! Mohinder Suresh, portrayed by Sendhil Ramamurthy, is genetics professor hailing from Chennai. A couple of episodes show Mohinder and his life in Chennai, one such depiction of ‘Chennai’ being the picture above.

#indiancitystereotype alert!

Heroes  is set in the 90s, okay fine, 80s if that pleases you, but look at the picture! I think the last time Madras looked like this was never! Tim Kring, the creator of the show, obviously stereotyped Madras to be like any other pre-independence North Indian city and for someone who did a darn good job with the show should have probably given the ‘Madras set’ more than one second of thought, imagination and most importantly, research!

Next stereotype – My really funny Non-resident Indian ‘desi’ friends and my American friends who imitate the perceived stereotypical Indian accent. Okay no, almost none of us bob our heads while we speak and we certainly don’t have that weird accent that Russell Peters talks with while referring to his father or any other Indian for that matter!

Stereotype #3 – All those ‘Madrasi’ fellows (basically the really cool ones south of the Vindhyas) are meant to be dark-skinned. Hello.. NO.

And before the northerners get angry

Stereotype #4 – Not all Delhiites refer to Delhi as Daaahli and they do eat rice as well, NOT JUST ROTIs. So stop calling them Roti/Chappathi pasanga! (boys)

Stereotype #5 – Mothers, grandmothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, aunts and all the women out there are not expected to cook all the time. So my dear male counterparts of these amazing above mentioned women.. do try.

Stereotype #6 – People of the world, while talking to a Chennaiite please don’t  ‘da’ at the end of your sentence and think you are speaking his/her language. Not cool bro/yaar!

Stereotype #7 – People in the west are all not racists! There are a lot of really nice ‘white’ people out there who are kind, caring, compassionate and non-racist, and most importantly, mind their own business. Ever looked at a white guy/girl and passed some smug remark in your local language. Now that, my friends, is us being racists!

Okay, I had the most fun writing this!


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