Human Rights Inquiry case study – Knights Enham School

“We’ve all got to respect people’s rights, so we set an example for the younger kids,” says William Cooper, aged 10. “We have rights to things like an education, and a house. That is in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.”

“Our rights are very important,” chips in Megan Glendon, 9. “If we want the right to express ourselves, that means we have the responsibility to listen when other people talk.”

This is not the kind of conversation that one expects to have with a group of primary school children. But at Knights Enham Primary School in Hampshire, all the children are very well aware of their rights – and of the responsibilities that correspond with them. ”

After one year of introducing the rights-based approach in Knights Enham Primary School, the students helped outline their rights and responsibilities in a “Home/School Agreement” which was signed by the children, staff and parents. Great example of children making adults accountable for their (in)actions.


Gulika is a human rights lawyer. She is currently a Consultant at the Centre for Child and the Law at NLSIU, Bangalore, and is an International Bridges to Justice Fellow.

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