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Don’t lose your dimension :)

When we come into this world, we are given a name. But beyond that name is a person- a person with qualities, definition. Not just another fish in the sea. We all have meaning and we all yearn for the better. But to begin with you have to be something more than just a name. What differentiates you from the next person? Thoughts, values, nature, spirit.. something to keep you motivated and alive. Losing your identity is like losing dimension..pretty much all of it.

Your identity is a book written along the way..the plot develops as you carry forth in your life. A well written book is never properly defined and in the same way there is no formula for an identity. You are you and Mr. X IS Mr.X! That is the reality and a hard truth to swallow. But something to accept in your stride and make the best of it.

we are all fragile

It is a beautiful quality to nurture and ¬†losing it is very easy as you grow and involve yourself in everyday life. That is where you must take a step back and assess.. Figure it out. It isn’t difficult. It isn’t scary. It is a duty to ourselves to keep it going. To realise and introspect. Small steps and small changes are all it takes and you are left not with any guilt or remorse but with a greater sense of being. It is life and it is beautiful.


Sharanya is a freelance prop stylist in advertising. When not running around the streets of Mumbai sourcing for her props she involves herself in her venture called HIGH-LIGHT and recycles old bottles into customized lamps.

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  1. July 4, 2014 @ 8:02 pm Gayatri Sekar

    Well said, Sharanya! In our struggle to figure it out and ‘have it all’, we forget to nurture ourselves, changing who we are to what we need. It is so important to take a step back and listen to ourselves. Lovely post. :)


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