Dark is Beautiful

India is obsessed with fairness. Don’t believe me? Watch anything on TV for 30 minutes and then tally up the number of fair- and dark-skinned actors/models. Or if you’d prefer, pick up the local newspaper and take a look at the matrimonial advertisements. There would be a staggering number of ads for “fair” brides and grooms.

We have been socialized since a very young age to believe that fair is beautiful. However, a country that is blessed with so much sunlight will have a large number of dark-skinned people. It’s only natural. Is dark skin not pretty enough? If you have wondered those things at one point or another, do not hesitate to visit the website of Dark is Beautiful campaign, led by actor Nandita Das.

If you wish to learn more about the biological mechanism behind skin colour, take a look at this article.

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