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The Danger of “Boys Will Be Boys”

Why this phrase should be banned from our vocabulary   Written by Elizabeth J. Meyer Contribution by Sangeetha Ravichandran   I’ve had a couple of different conversations with the teachers at my child’s preschool about some of the aggressive behaviors a few of the children have been exhibiting. It has been most alarming to wake…

nice girl

How I Learned To Stop Being So Nice

Written by Michelle Denise Jackson Contribution by Anushya Badrinath   Growing up, I was a very nice girl. I was always the one who went out of her way to help her friends. I would loan them money, offer them advice, give them rides, and help them with school assignments. I usually did not expect…


A new leadership paradigm

Contribution by: Bhairavi Prakash A new leadership paradigm-  this study shows what makes good leaders.    A Pew Center study released in May revealed that working mothers are the sole or primary provider in a record 40 percent of U.S. households. Only a few days before, hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor-Jones created a stir by remarking at…

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Let’s Stop Neutralizing Men

Written by Valerie Alexander Contribution by Rohini Rau There are few sporting events I get as excited about as the World Cup. I played soccer in high school, in the NCAA, and for five years post-college, including two glorious years in the Golden Gate Women’s League, Premier Division. What the U.S. Men’s National Team has…


A Mix of Many Things

by Alyssa Murray Contribution by: Usha KR I am a mix of many things, I can’t quite be defined Not the same, specifically, as anyone you’ll find It’s not that I am something special, in comparison to you, Because you also are a mix of things that make up you I simply see that most…

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