An equal stance.

All my life, I was learning to cook and wearing make-up because it was what people perceived as the right thing for me to do as a girl. But now that I look at it. I wonder why can’t a man wear make-up or learn to cook. And also, why cant I learn to fight or  to ride a motorbike? Just because I’m a girl, does it mean I’m not entitled to do those things? Instead, I’m supposed to sit at home and learn to cook and clean and plan my future wedding. I’m sorry, but we say India is a developing nation, but, there’s no point in only developing the nation industrially, what about culturally? We need to get rid of all these taboos on society. If I was a boy, I could wear shorts and walk on the road or I could flirt with a million girls, and it wouldn’t matter. It only matters because I’m a girl. If we honestly believe in Equality, we must take a stance. Before we even think of taking a stance for  Homeless people or against Untouchability or against any other issue, we must create an equal status between ourselves.

Sorry if the video annoys/insults anyone. I personally found it quite annoying myself.


Trishala is a girl who's biggest agitation includes anything to do with equality. She loves life, and well, yeah.. that. :P

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