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Dark is Beautiful

India is obsessed with fairness. Don’t believe me? Watch anything on TV for 30 minutes and then tally up the number of fair- and dark-skinned actors/models. Or if you’d prefer, pick up the local newspaper and take a look at the matrimonial advertisements. There would be a staggering number of ads for “fair” brides and…


Mind Your Language

Words carry a lot of power. How often have you been hurt by the utterance of a single word? While it can seem like a lot of effort to always speak in “politically correct” language, it is well worth the effort for you are practicing equality through the language you use everyday. I often use…


Ambivalent Sexism

“Women are the most amazing creatures on earth. They are such gentle souls.” You may have heard such sayings before. Can putting women on a pedestal be a bad thing for equality? Sexism, by definition, is the belief that one gender is superior to another. By saying that women are better than men (at gentleness…

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