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‘Masculinity is a trait and NOT a gender’

Through these poignant images Meg Allen introduces us to the world of “female masculinity”. Yes, not all women have to be feminine and neither do all men have to be masculine. We are just brought up to believe that there is only one way to be, and dress and project ourselves. Take sometime to read…


A new leadership paradigm

Contribution by: Bhairavi Prakash A new leadership paradigm-  this study shows what makes good leaders.    A Pew Center study released in May revealed that working mothers are the sole or primary provider in a record 40 percent of U.S. households. Only a few days before, hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor-Jones created a stir by remarking at…

Other girls


What are feminine attributes? “Let’s just put down pink”, she said. “What, why?”, I asked. “There are so many silly women, with their frills and fancies, trying to be pretty and pink and fancy. Isn’t that a feminine attribute?” Even vociferous proponents of gender equality seem to hate ‘macho men’ and ‘pink women’.   Let…

gender roles

Genderly Speaking…

“Omg! That Kurt guy from Glee? What’s the deal with him! I don’t get it. He’s a boy but he sounds and behaves kind of like a girl. And Unique Adams! He’s a boy too but dresses up like a girl. I’m so confused!” A few days ago, I was approached to write for “Schools…

female sports

Let’s Stop Neutralizing Men

Written by Valerie Alexander Contribution by Rohini Rau There are few sporting events I get as excited about as the World Cup. I played soccer in high school, in the NCAA, and for five years post-college, including two glorious years in the Golden Gate Women’s League, Premier Division. What the U.S. Men’s National Team has…

fredrick douglas

Understanding Boys, Understanding Girls.

Having spoken at various Boys conferences, Jeff Perera shares some stories of sharing the White Ribbon with boys from Grades Four to Eight.  Jeff also shares what happened when he spoke with hundreds of young girls on how created ideas of being a man impacts girls as well as boys.  . I spoke at an ETT…

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